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Why is it worth using Optica Brille?

Vision correction without leaving home. Non-invasive method

Optica Brille is an innovative way to correct vision defects without leaving home. Immediately after putting on special glasses, you will see the effect of a clearer view of the text and more intense colors (as shown in the pictures).

Non-invasive vision correction with Optica Brille is a method of improving eyesight in a natural way. It consists in exercising the muscles of the eyeballs with the use of specialist glasses. Exercise is done effortlessly while performing daily activities. Glasses remove perceptual vision, so from the very first use you are able to see as sharply as through corrective glasses!

When you put on Optica Brille glasses, you should see as well as through the corrective lenses. You will feel your eyes exercise and your eyes will relax after a hard day.

The clear vision effect is perfectly illustrated by the visualization of blurry and clear text.

How to use and when will I see the first results?

Strengthening and exercising the eye muscles is done by looking at the individual holes in the glasses arranged in a special way. By focusing, we perform everyday activities such as watching TV, reading newspapers, books or relaxing on a favorite armchair.

The end result of such exercises should be vision improvement, elimination of fatigue and eye pain associated with untreated defects.

The effect of permanent vision improvement is possible after 3 weeks of regular use of glasses, 2-3 hours a day. Regardless of age and vision defect!

How does Optica Brille help improve vision?

3D presentation of Optica Brille glasses

Optica Brille glasses

Optica Brille glasses Optica Brille glasses

Optica Brille glasses

  • Specialist Optica Brille glasses for vision correction
  • Certificate with a unique glasses series number confirming the authenticity of the product
  • Instructions manual and description of the action
  • 14-day satisfaction guarantee
We also ship orders abroad
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For whom


For whom

The Optica Brille treatment can be used by absolutely everyone, regardless of age and vision defect. Regardless of whether you suffers from short-sightedness, far-sightedness or astigmatism. According to the opinions of our clients, the most noticeable effects are observed in the elderly people and in people with less visual defects.

Optica Brille will help people suffering with:

  • short-sightedness,
  • far-sightedness,
  • astigmatism,
  • old-sightedness (poor vision due to advanced age, presbyopia),
  • headache from eyestrain
  • and for preventing the deterioration of vision.

100% natural method without costly surgery

Try Optica Brille and exercise your eyes - no drugs, costly surgeries or expensive lenses


Why should you choose to improve your eyesight with Optica Brille? Nowadays, there are many options for correcting your eyesight. By choosing our method, you choose the safest and cheapest treatment available!

Optica Brille

Specialist glasses to improve eyesight
  • Non-invasive and natural method
  • Immediate noticeable difference in vision when wearing glasses
  • Possible permanent vision improvement effect after 3-6 weeks
  • A safe method with no side effects
  • Low cost of treatmen
  • It is available to everyone, regardless of age, gender, defect and disease

Laser surgery

Invasive method in an expensive facility
  • Very high cost of the operation (approx. 800 € for one eye!)
  • Long recovery time and photosensitivity
  • Invasive surgery that requires infringement of the cornea of the eye
  • Lots of formalities and paid qualification for the procedure
  • There is a risk of restoring or worsening the vision defect (operations can only be performed ONCE!)

Rest and improve your eyesight at the same time

Thanks to Optica Brille you will be able to spend time with your loved ones while performing pleasant everyday activities such as watching TV, reading books, newspapers or outdoor entertainment - while improving your eyesight.

Abroad reactions to Optica Brille:

Optica Brille glasses

Optica Brille glasses Optica Brille glasses

Optica Brille glasses

  • Specialist Optica Brille glasses for vision correction
  • Certificate with a unique glasses series number confirming the authenticity of the product
  • Instructions manual and description of the action
  • 14-day satisfaction guarantee
We also ship orders abroad
37 € 82 € Now 55% cheaper

Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee that you will receive a 100% original and certified product. Beware of cheap fakes. Only certified Optica Brille glasses will bring the effect. The manufacturer is sure of his product, therefore we give everyone a 14-day SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.

Optica Brille guarantees products of the highest quality. You will receive a 100% original product with a certificate of authenticity.

We are sure of our product, hence we give a 14-day satisfaction guarantee with every order. We guarantee clear vision immediately after putting on the glasses.


Start improving your eyesight today!

Try Optica Brille and enjoy sharp eyesight! No drugs, costly surgeries or expensive lenses


Madison Taylor

good that you can order online. This is my target on "corona-holiday", I wear it as they say in the manual for 3 weeks and you know what? It's really better. I start to read the newspaper without glasses, I watch TV only wearing pinhole glasses instead of the usual ones, even my husband laughs at me that I look like a fly, but I don't care it helps me!

Caroline Carol

Everything went smoothly. Order, delivery, shipment and now it's time to exercise. I've been sitting at home for 2 weeks, so I'll do something good for me.

Charlotte W.

I have just bought your glasses and I'm very impressed after wearing it... my eyes seem to have rejuvenated by several dozen years - thank you and best regards Charlotte Wilson


Everything all right, 1000% positive. I'm very happy. I'm ordering more for my family.

Michelle D.

I have been wearing glasses for a short time, but after taking it off, I can see better and better. These glasses are great

Megan Brown

Listen, you wear glasses for 2 hours a day for several weeks until you notice that your eyesight improves and the effect lasts. That's the whole thing. This holes pattern works wonders. The wow effect is interesting when you put them on for the first time and you can see normally as if you don't have vision defect.

Robert Smith

How does it work in effect?

Michelle Johnson

What's the treatment? You wear these pinhole glasses, and what next? Your eyesight improves? Please reply

Megan Brown

I don't know what my exact defect is now, but I read without glasses so I also see the effect. Before that, I was wearing glasses with +3 left and +2.5 right lenses.

Margaret Miller

I have tried and used it for 1.5 months. Everything works fine. And if your brother-in-law can afford to spend a few thousand for vision correction, good for him :)) I decided to try it because my Defect (-2 diopters) irritated me. I don't like wearing glasses. After the treatment, I went to the ophthalmologist, the defect decreased to - 0.3 diotpria, so I can see the effect.

Connor Davis

Yeah, it works, but you have to wear it for some time. My brother-in-law did not have the patience and choose laser vision correction, he just wanted to have the effect right away.

Thomas Morgan

This is the first time I see something like this. Have any of you tried and would like to share your opinion?

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